Sarah VaughanJanuary 19, 2017
Happy 2017 Queen’s Alumnae!
As we look forward to this new year we are excited at the new opportunities to continue to support our alma mater. As we all know, thee is so much to be done. While not “resting on our laurels” I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to do all the wonderful activities to keep our chapter vibrant and thriving. By the way, do you know all the things we did in 2016? I am proud to share them:
1) We sent three (3) barrels of new and used books as well as school supplies to the library. (And we received a lovely thank you note from the librarian explaining that there is greatly increased traffic to the library and students are clamoring to borrow the books.)
2) We again sent funds to help students pay for their CXC exam fees.
3) We continued our annual support of the Welfare Fundd which assists students with breakfast and lunch, transporation, uniforms and books.
4) We held our Sixteenth Annual Walkathon at Stone Mountain Park – with one of the largest turnouts.
5) We raised funds through a Stay-at-Home Tea and from selling cross body bags donated by a member.
6) We led the annual church service celebrating Jamaica’s Independence – creating the program, getting the speakers and serving as ushers.
7) We supported the Jamaican community here in Atlanta by attending their evnts and sometimes serving in various capaciites to assist them.
8) We supported the general Atlanta community by serving several times at MedShare; a national non profit organization that recovers surplus medical supplies and equipment from U.S. hospitals and manufacturers and redistributes them to needy hospitals in developing countries.
9) We increased our membership and continue to invite virtual participation through our conference call option for monthly meetings.
10) We maintained our connection with the home chapter in Kingston, supporting members who lost loved ones and commiserating in the passing of members themselves.
Wow! That’s a lot!!! Just goes to show what a hard-working bunch of Queen’s Girls can do!
Please join us in our efforts this year to purchase much-needed water tanks, filters etc. and help with the creation of a sitting area where the giant tree at the corner of “Holy Ground” used to be. (The tree succumbed to age, disease and high winds.)
We need your ideas, your leadership and your energy. Please come and help! We meet on the first Saturday of each month at 6 p.m. in one of our member’s home and have such fun visiting together after the business meeting. With your help, we can do even greater things this year.


Sarah Vaughan, President