In 1953 the Synod of the Church of England passed a resolution that a new secondary school should be established to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II ascension to the throne. 

In January 1954, the The Queen’s School was formally opened with 51 students as a Diocesan High School for Girls. 

The first Headmistress was Mrs. Anne Chambers, who was succeeded by Mrs. Evelyn Clarke, 1955 – 1974.  Mrs. Etheline Aiken led the school from 1971 – 1992. Mrs. Yvonne Keane-Dawes was headmistress from 1992 – 2008; Carole Jackson was Acting Headmistress 2008 – 2010.  The current headmistress, Ms. Jennifer Williams took office in 2010.  

The school now includes more than 1500 students and hosts a wide range of academic and social student organizations from sports and service clubs to competitive academic pursuits such as the national School’s Challenge Quiz. 

After celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary in 2014 the school is now focused on raising funds to build a multipurpose auditorium on the grounds adjacent to the school.


School’s Motto

“Virtute et Sapientia Floreat” – “May she flourish in virtue and wisdom”

Houses and Badges

Victoria – Red Badge,  Mary – Blue Badge,  Alexandria – Green Badge, Elizabeth – Yellow Badge


Grey “V” neck tunic, white rolled-up three quarter sleeve blouse, red tie – with crest. Black shoes, white socks.

The tunic is for 1st – 5th form (7th – 11th grades) and the grey skirt and white blouse with red tie is for lower and upper 6th students.